Featured Driver

Second Quarter - 2017

Life is hard but fair, so enjoy. I've been holding the wheel for 35 years. I started driving in Mississippi in 1967 at 17 years of age. I enjoy working with my fellow drivers.

Charles works for Hoovestol out of Chicago IL on the 60716 contract.

First Quarter - 2017

Hi, my name is Steven Bobo. I started with Hoovestol in 2005, on the Major Transport side for one and a half years. Before that, I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin where we always had trucks for the farm as well as over the road. There is where I learned to drive and maintain them. I spent 12 years in the Army and then spent 12 more as a vehicle painter at Fort McCoy. I’ve worked for a lot of trucking companies, good and bad. Hoovestol is a good company to work for, their trucks are well maintained and the dispatchers leave you alone as long as you do your job. I drive out of Tomah WI and plan on staying with Hoovestol until retirement. My hobbies are working on vehicles, especially restoring old cars and trucks, and remodeling houses.

Steven works for Hoovestol out of Tomah WI on the 980Y1 contract.

Fourth Quarter - 2016

Charles Gratts has been driving out of Ft. Worth TX for Hoovestol since 2002. He enjoys working for Hoovestol because “they have been good to me, so I’ve been good to them.” Charles is a Veteran who proudly served in the 1970’s. In his free time, he enjoys gardening and hanging out on the porch with his girlfriend. His oldest grandson plays minor league baseball in the Texas Rangers system, and he enjoys watching him play.

Charles works for Hoovestol out of Ft. Worth TX on the 630B0 contract.

Third Quarter - 2016

My name is Marco A Gonzalez I have been working for Hoovetsol since March of 2010 as a mechanic in the Los Angeles shop. When I am not working I'm usually out with my kids and their sports. In my spare time I train and compete in jiu jitsu. I also coach a youth wrestling team.

I am very grateful that I have found a great company to work for. It is nice to know that I work for a company that helps you succeed and better yourself.

Marco works full time as a mechanic in Los Angeles.

Second Quarter - 2016

I have been driving for Hoovestol since 2000 as a part-timer. I grew up on a farm west of Albert Lea MN, and after teaching at a private college for a while, I went back to the farm for 27 years. In addition to growing corn and soybeans on my own land, I hauled three combines to the wheat belt for thirteen seasons, harvesting wheat from Enid OK to Grand Forks ND. We were over-width and over-height, but came thru each season unscathed! I learned a lot about driving and maintaining trucks. As other drivers have said here, Hoovestol is a first-class operation. I have to commend the shop for maintaining the trucks in top condition – good tires, good brakes.

Don works part-time for Hoovestol out of Eagan MN on multiple contracts.

First Quarter - 2016

My name is Dale Cortright. I’m 66 years old and I live in Anaconda MT. I work in Butte MT. I’ve worked in the trucking industry for over 45 years, the last 15 ½ for Hoovestol Inc. I started in the early 1960’s with my father, who hauled heavy equipment for the Montana Power Co. As I was still in school, he taught me to change tires, oil, and grease equipment.
After high school, I joined the US Marine Corps from 1968 to 1971. After my discharge, I started driving steady, first with my father and then my own trucks. In 1985, I sold my trucks and started working for contractors until July of 2000 when I started hauling mail for Hoovestol. Living in the northwest, I get to enjoy my passion for hunting and fishing with an emphasis on the shooting sports, both short and long range. I also buy, repair, and sell older vehicles. I guess the rest of my spare time I just waste! Hoovestol has many good drivers who deserve honors, I know because I have the great joy and honor to work with a few of the best.

Dale works for Hoovestol out of Butte MT on the 980Y1 contract.

Fourth Quarter - 2015

My name is Shane Montgomery. I was born in New Hampshire and raised in Texas. I graduated from Midlothian high school in 1992 with the American sniper Chris Kyle. I’ve been married for 16 years and have 4 kids. I’m now living in Maxwell NE and am the chairman of the board in Maxwell for the past 5 years. I’ve been working for Hoovestol for 12 years and I love it because I enjoy working with my hands. In my spare time, I build bikes, ratrods, and derby cars. I hope to stay here until I retire.

Shane is our Hoovestol shop mechanic in Gothenburg NE.

Third Quarter - 2015

I started with Hoovestol in July of 1996 on the Chicago - Denver route, driving from North Liberty IA to Chicago, and North Liberty to Lincoln NE. What I like best about my job is my co-workers, they all have become my close friends. My wife Sara and I enjoy riding trips on our Harley, working in our yard and riding our bicycles. Sara and I and our 2 sons (Nick and Scott) all participate in many 5k, 10k, 1/2, and full marathons. It’s become real addictive. On October 4th, Hoovestol will be sponsoring me in the Twin Cities Marathon. So come and cheer for me on my 26.2 mile journey. I will be wearing the Hoovestol Inc logo!

Kevin works for Hoovestol out of Iowa City IA on the 60217 contract.

Second Quarter - 2015

I've been with Hoovestol since July 2000 and am currently on the Minneapolis/Fargo run. Hoovestol is a great place to work. I've met some wonderful people that have become good friends. My wife and I really enjoy outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, canoeing, and cycling. We also love spending time with our three children and three grandson's. I'm looking forward to the spring fishing opener at Lake of the Woods.

Jim works for Hoovestol out of Eagan MN on the 55214 contract.

First Quarter - 2015

I have been with Hoovestol since June 2009. This has been the best place to work in my forty-eight years of driving. Even when times our rough, the good has outweighed the bad. I enjoy working on our home and spending time with my wife and family at our campground. I am looking forward to spending more time there this summer and now that I am part-time I will have more time to do so.

Charles works for Hoovestol out of Toledo OH on the 980Y1 contract.

Fourth Quarter - 2014

I went to work for Hoovestol in April of 1999 and think this is a great company to work for! I have been making trips to Farmer City, IL on the Minneapolis to Indy contract since I started here. In my spare time I enjoy playing cards and also going to the casino.

Al works for Hoovestol out of Eagan MN on the 553AE contract.

Third Quarter - 2014

My name is Les Mueller and I have had the best part-time job around for the past 15 years working for Hoovestol. Initially I worked on the Cincinnati-Denver route until its demise and since then have primarily run on the Los Angeles-New Jersey route working out of Brighton, CO. In addition, on occasion, I have been lucky enough to get to drive other routes that work out of the Denver area, Postal Service extras, "rescue trips", freight deliveries, etc. In my opinion, Hoovestol is a great company to work for because of its teamwork--from my fellow drivers, to the logistics crew in the "war room" on the second floor in Eagan, and to the support staff that keeps the paychecks coming and reminds me when my medical is due.

On a personal note, my wife Karen (who tolerates my part-time job in our retirement in lieu of lying on the beach in Tahiti) and I celebrated our 50th anniversary last summer. We have two children and four involved high school age grandchildren. Any spare time we have left, we try to spend at our place in the mountains or out with the travel trailer (NASCAR or someplace warm). Life is good!

Les drives for Hoovestol out of Denver CO on the HCR 900Y2 contract.

Second Quarter - 2014

Roy Hilderbrand: Hello, I am Roy Hilderbrand and I work out of St. Louis on the St. Paul run. My wife Sonya and I live in a small town in Illinois. We cook and bake a lot and we also follow baseball, both the Cardinals and a minor league team called the Gateway Grizzlies. We also do a couple of volunteer activities at our church. I have been with Hoovestol a little over 23 years. It has changed a lot in that time but has always been a great place to work, mostly due to the good people who work here in all capacities. I would like to wish us all continued success in the future.

Roy drives for Hoovestol out of St. Louis MO on the HCR 63214 contract.

First Quarter - 2014

Marv Nelson: I became part of the Hoovestol team in July of 2000, on the Seattle – New Jersey mail route. I have been married 30 years to my wife Robin, we have one son Cody, daughter-in-law Danielle and one grandson Ben who is 3 years old. We are anxiously awaiting the birth of our second grandchild in April. I grew up in Mandan, N.D. When not at work I enjoy spending time with my family, and enjoy all types of hunting Deer hunting on the Nelson ranch, pheasant and grouse hunting. My biggest passion is Walleye fishing in my boat on the Missouri River. I enjoy working for Hoovestol, they are a great team!

Marv drives for Hoovestol out of Bismarck ND on the HCR 980Y1 contract.

Fourth Quarter - 2013

Ron Gibson: I went to work for Hoovestol part-time in December of 2009. Since then, I have gone full-time and run Omaha to Farmer City and Indianapolis. I wish I would have checked into Hoovestol years ago. I have been married to my wife Donna for 29 years. I enjoy working on the yard and on cars. My hobby is working on my race car. I’m trying to set a record and sacrificing expensive mechanical parts to the Gods of Speed at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Ron drives for Hoovestol out of Omaha NE on the HCR 680RE contract.

Third Quarter - 2013

Robert Royal: I have been a driver a for Hoovestol for thirteen years. The trucking industry is a team effort and Hoovestol has a great team. The management staff, dispatchers and everyone at the Eagan office are great to work with. I run on the L.A., Jersey City route out of Stony Ridge Ohio. When I’m not hauling for Hoovestol I have a wife, sixteen year old daughter, ten year old son that keep me busy at home. I enjoy watching Nascar and football. Go Steelers! Go Bucks!

Robert drives for Hoovestol out of Toledo OH on the HCR 900Y2 contract.

Second Quarter - 2013

Dave Banta: I have been a Hoovestol driver since 1995 after serving 11 years in the U.S. Army. Beginning in Junction City KS, I ran a leg of the Cincinnati-Denver route. Later I moved to the Kansas City area to run the KC to St. Paul route where I have been ever since. When not driving, I enjoy time with my wife and kids. Our motto is work hard and then play hard. We enjoy bowling, boating, camping, and anything outdoors. I even enjoy mowing the yard at the KC shop in the summer. Thanks for making me part of the Hoovestol team. It is a great company to be with.

Dave drives for Hoovestol out of Kansas City KS on the HCR 640Y0 contract.

First Quarter - 2013

Jason Lamothe: I have been with Hoovestol since 2002. I am from Chicopee MA. I graduated from Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix, Arizona 1996. I've been married to my wife Gia for 2.5 years. I enjoy the outdoors on my Harley or on my boat. I also bowl and play softball.

Jason is our Hoovestol shop mechanic in Springfield MA.

First Quarter - 2013

Gerry Lamothe: I retired from the Massachusetts turnpike maintenance division in 2008 after 18 years. I’ve been married to my wife Wendy for 25 years. I have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. I started at Hoovestol in 2009 as a spare driver / mechanic. I enjoy working in my yard and doing small remodeling jobs for neighbors and friends.

Gerry drives for Hoovestol out of Springfield MA on the 144N4 contract. He is also a mechanic in our shop.

First Quarter - 2013

Roude Touzin: I have been working for Hoovestol since October of 2011 as a Mechanic. I am proud to be included in the team. I’ve been married to my wonderful wife Charline for five years. I have two beautiful daughters with my wife; one is 5 and the other one is 4. The oldest one loves to play guitar which I enjoy a lot, and the youngest one loves to sing which makes me go to sleep at night. I love to spend time with my actual family and my extended family. Family gathering is the best because my daughters get to perform. Thank you Hoovestol for giving me the opportunity to join a great team.

Roude is our Hoovestol mechanic in Kearny NJ.

**These three were instrumental in helping Hoovestol through Hurricane Sandy as they worked on our water-damaged trucks in New Jersey for many hours helping to keep the fleet on the road. Many thanks go out to Roude, Jason, and Gerry!**

Fourth Quarter - 2012

Brian "Butch" Driver retired from Asarco after 34 years. He began working for Hoovestol in November of 1999. He has enjoyed 13 years of driving for the company. He has been happily married to Judy for 50 years. He has 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. Butch enjoys family dinners, holiday gatherings, and camping.

Butch drives for Hoovestol out of Omaha NE on the HCR 680RE, 55016, and 680M2 contracts.

Third Quarter - 2012

Mike O'Neill became part of the Hoovestol team in October of 1997, starting on the Cincinnati-Denver mail route. Then moving to NJ-LA when the post office cut the Cin-Den. Mike started his driving career in 1987 as a mover with United Van Lines becoming an owner operator. He is married, and has three children his oldest son served as a Sea Bee in Iraq, has a daughter who is quite a good painter, and his youngest son is into mixed martial arts. Mike grew up in Colorado, and enjoys fishing, and hunting. Mike says thank you to all the Hoovestol team for making this a great place to be.

Mike drives for Hoovestol out of Denver CO on the HCR 900Y2 contract.