Employee Page

Hoovestol employees, on this page you will find a collection of forms, links, and addresses that are routinely requested.  Forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. You can download a free copy by clicking here. If there are other things you would like to see here, submit your comments. Or call us at:      (651) 452-6262.

Wayne Hoovestol 206  President
John Weiand 202  General Manager
Darin Blume 209  Operations Manager
Justin Posthumus 207  Route Manager
Paul Rutten 203  Route Manager
Pat Heslip 208  Route Manager
John Kennedy 205  Route Manager
Ken Bartos 212  Shop Manager
John Eubanks 215  Office Manager
Barb Dicken 270  Payroll
Susanne Murphy 218  Accounts Payable
Lynda Kuhn 219  Safety Director
Steve Mears 217  Safety
Craig Stokke 204  Night Operations
Bob Severin 204  Night Operations
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