Charles Smith

Second Quarter - 2017

Charles Smith works for Hoovestol out of Chicago, IL. "Life is hard but fair, so enjoy. I've been holding the wheel for 35 years. I started driving in Mississippi in 1967 at 17 years of age. I enjoy working with my fellow drivers. "

Steven Bobo

First Quarter - 2017

Hi, my name is Steven Bobo. I started with Hoovestol in 2005, on the Major Transport side for one and a half years. Before that, I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin where we always had trucks for the farm as well as over the road. There is where I learned to drive and maintain them. I spent 12 years in the Army and then spent 12 more as a vehicle painter at Fort McCoy. I’ve worked for a lot of trucking companies, good and bad. Hoovestol is a good company to work for, their trucks are well maintained and the dispatchers leave you alone as long as you do your job. I drive out of Tomah WI and plan on staying with Hoovestol until retirement. My hobbies are working on vehicles, especially restoring old cars and trucks, and remodeling houses.

Charles Gratts

Fourth Quarter - 2016

Charles Gratts has been driving out of Ft. Worth TX for Hoovestol since 2002. He enjoys working for Hoovestol because “they have been good to me, so I’ve been good to them.” Charles is a Veteran who proudly served in the 1970’s. In his free time, he enjoys gardening and hanging out on the porch with his girlfriend. His oldest grandson plays minor league baseball in the Texas Rangers system, and he enjoys watching him play.

Marco Gonzalez

Third Quarter - 2016

My name is Marco A Gonzalez I have been working for Hoovetsol since March of 2010 as a mechanic in the Los Angeles shop. When I am not working I'm usually out with my kids and their sports. In my spare time I train and compete in jiu jitsu. I also coach a youth wrestling team. I am very grateful that I have found a great company to work for. It is nice to know that I work for a company that helps you succeed and better yourself.

Don Edberg

Second Quarter - 2016